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We are a Private Health Insurance Company duly registered and Licensed. We offer diverse services to support organizations in their quest to provide efficient, and cost-effective healthcare services to their workforce. We specialize in providing customized services through our Third-Party Administration services. This enables you to have a healthier workforce while lowering healthcare costs with administrative ease. We also offer health insurance services to corporate organizations and individuals.

Yes, we are a Private Health Insurance Company licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to offer Health Insurance and Third Party Administration services. Our focus is on providing exceptional healthcare services to our clients, and we have partnered with Healthcare Service Providers (HSPs) across Ghana and beyond to enable our clients access healthcare with ease and comfort.

Yes, based on our expertise and experience, we leverage on our partnerships with Healthcare Service Providers to obtain cost savings for our clients than they can secure for themselves without compromising on service quality. Our Health Insurance plans have been meticulously crafted based on data collected from the healthcare industry. Whichever option you go for, you are guaranteed access to the highest standard of medical care. We are also constantly improving our services to ensure exceptional service delivery.

Everyone is exposed to various health hazards and health emergencies can occur without prior warning. Having a health plan gives you and your workforce security and reduces the risk of not being able to afford healthcare in emergencies. For corporate organizations, having a healthcare system in place is a known morale booster for your workforce, and increases productivity as well.

Once you have been enrolled and all agreed payments have been made, you shall be issued an Ace Medical identification card. Once you present this card at your approved healthcare service provider facility, your medical needs shall be met based on your chosen health plan.

No, it is a cashless system. Once you present your Ace Medical identification card at your approved healthcare service provider facility, your medical needs shall be attended to without you making any payment. You will ONLY be required to pay for a service if such service is excluded under your chosen health plan or if the healthcare service provider is not an approved service provider for your plan.

Please contact us via any of our telephone numbers, e-mail address, or through this website and we will be happy to take you through our pricing structure.

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